The Team

The Re-Logic team is made up of 12 experienced & dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds that are dedicated to bringing amazing & innovative games to the market.

From Game Design to Coding, Art, and even the Business side of gaming, the team covers all aspects of game development – and takes the time to have a lot of fun along the way!

Redigit f55db89b659b8dc4227bee86d73f2fdcdc730241273680ebae43247f11eeda04
Andrew "Redigit" Spinks

Favorite Games:
- Breath of the Wild
- Dwarf Fortress

Cenx2 e54a4da3fd8ece5caadc4d6043dcb548a74c3032bcd2362ccb8a4ff5a45af3d7
Whitney "Cenx" Spinks
Vice President

Favorite Games:
- A Link to the Past
- Symphony of the Night

Loki d1b535e167e137280e1a70a3ccdf1344da2988d8cd0d391eee6d0731af488813
Ted "Loki" Murphy
Head of Business Strategy

Favorite Games:
- TimeSplitters
- Final Fantasy 4

Crowno2 999be9162891edf0b3b093242357a8f03a7344048b8fb637335af51e847e8a36
Victor "Crowno" Moura
Lead Artist

Favorite Games:
- A Link to the Past
- Shadow of the Colossus

Lazure f755655deccb7d4b83ded8499f0c55e1e5efd596142d52420e88baaa126d16e4
Jamison "Lazure" Hayes

Favorite Games:
- Pokémon
- Super Smash Bros. Series

Jimmarn 974cf93d3a10fe10fd929ada5723358adac2c33f51866d8c621d984130a55f75
Jim "Jimmarn" Kjexrud

Favorite Games:
- Red Dead Redemption
- The Last of Us

Yoraiz0r 6c6b6794c41e51fb2fbc05979aef5d5e847d2ce85afeff42b470c0868d1a4a41
Yorai "Yoraiz0r" Omer
Lead Developer

Favorite Games:
- Hyperdimension Neptunia
- Mary Skelter: Nightmares

Leinfors 90b8fb031f08217453918684374ac63a5b3212553a5e42d23562531e2a47b477
Jason "Leinfors" Parker
Quality Assurance

Favorite Games:
- Final Fantasy 1
- Symphony of the Night

Amanda bc880fe689aec4ab859586899c4685a3ce9926ad109d2ea43577b818db905b53
Amanda "Safemanda" Powell
Community Manager

Favorite Games:
- Halo 3
- Animal Crossing

Oneman fc5edef2e37b92be9b1bd4b7678d826fc5fbcda0963eb935a57c38de36a5a997
Houston "Food" Lawson
Lead B.F.F.

Favorite Games:
- Killer Instinct Gold
- Disgaea